International Connections

This international directory of trademarked Reading Recovery countries appears in the order in which implementations began.

New Zealand

Professor Marie Clay began the development of Reading Recovery in 1976 at The University of Auckland. National implementation began in 1983.


Reading Recovery began in Australia in 1984 and operates through state and territory departments of education as well as catholic education offices. Learn more about Reading Recovery in Recovery in

New South Wales


South Australia

(supported by New South Wales trainers)

Western Australia

(supported by Victoria trainer)

The United States

The United States implemented Reading Recovery in Ohio in 1984 and the intervention is currently in most states and some Department of Defense Dependents Schools. Bermuda is supported by U.S. trainers.


Reading Recovery implementation in Canada began in 1988 and is currently in 8 provinces and the Yukon.


Reading Recovery in Europe began in 1990 and is currently established across England, Jersey, Republic of Ireland, and Denmark.

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