The International Reading Recovery Trainers Organization (IRRTO) provides leadership for all entities affiliated with the Reading Recovery early literacy intervention founded by Dr. Marie M. Clay. These leaders are accredited Reading Recovery trainers who have responsibility for their specific Reading Recovery centers, situated either within universities or in professional education centers or education systems affiliated with universities. The trainers provide the support needed to establish and maintain the Reading Recovery trademark around the world.

IRRTO was established with the guidance of Dr. Clay whose goal was to have an authorization body for Reading Recovery comprised of trainers, giving equal representation to each national entity with trademark status. Her proposed design was an organization of all accredited trainers led by an Executive Board of five representatives elected to represent the five national trademark holders. Dr. Clay was a key advisor to all development activities until 2007 when she transferred authority for her Reading Recovery trademarks (i.e., the New Zealand trademarks for Reading Recovery and Literacy Lessons Designed for Individuals and the Australian trademark for Reading Recovery) and her copyrights to the Marie Clay Literacy Trust in Auckland, New Zealand. IRRTO now works with the five-member Board of this trust, which is chaired by Graham McEwan, to support, maintain, and expand Reading Recovery.

All Reading Recovery countries hold a trademark that protects the integrity of Reading Recovery and follow an established set of standards. While standards necessarily vary by country because of differences in education systems, international standards ensure the high quality of the intervention around the world.

In addition to an Executive Board, the work of IRRTO is accomplished through committee structures and responsibilities. An International Institute is held every three years.

The Vision of IRRTO

The vision of the International Reading Recovery Trainers Organization is to maximize the availability of Reading Recovery for any children who need early literacy intervention in any country.

The Mission of IRRTO

The mission of the International Reading Recovery Trainers Organization is to maintain the quality, uphold the integrity, improve the efficiency and effectiveness, and support change and growth in Reading Recovery through international collaboration, research, and resource development. IRRTO members, the international set of trainers, are responsible for ensuring that trademark Reading Recovery sustains its effectiveness and continues to evolve in response to new research and developments in measured, thoughtful ways.

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